20 Best Recruiting and Headhunting Firms in Seattle

20 Best Recruiting and Headhunting Firms in Seattle

Seattle has emerged as a major tech hub, and if you’re looking for a job in the industry, this is the best place to be. With nearly 11% of its workforce employed in tech, Seattle’s tech job market is one of the strongest in North America, second only to San Francisco.

Seattle has a rich history of forward-thinking entrepreneurs coming together to create an impressive list of companies that have made lasting impacts on our culture today. From Bill Gates revolutionizing personal computing to Jeff Bezos creating Amazon – both now billionaires – here is just a small snapshot at some of Seattle’s most memorable figures: Paul Allen (Microsoft), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Tom Skaggs (Amazon), John Nordstrom (Nordstrom department stores), and Bill Boeing (Boeing).

The city has an impressive list of incubators including TechStars Seattle which was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs David Cohen and Brad Feld with support from Madrona Venture Group and Ignition Partners. Another notable accelerator program located just south of downtown is Pioneer Square Labs whose mission it to identify hidden opportunities within data sets, build products around these ideas, then bring them to market through acquisitions or initial public offerings.

Many of the most well-funded startups in recent years have been so-called mega-rounds, which have produced a slew of new unicorns, or privately held technology firms worth more than $1 billion. In the previous six months, fast-growing Seattle companies including Highspot, Zenoti, Outreach, Rec Room, and Amperity have raised venture capital rounds totaling $100 million or more.

As you can imagine, the talent war in Seattle is fierce, and it’s especially so among developers. Working with the city’s top recruiters is your best bet for finding your next top hire. Modern recruiters know the ins and outs of recruiting these great people by using innovative methods to discover passive applicants. They also know the area best, so they can get inside knowledge on a fantastic applicant who is ready for his or her next professional advancement.

Best Recruiters in Seattle

We’ve done the legwork for you, and compiled a list of the top recruiters in Seattle that you should consider.

Tech Recruiters in Seattle

Technical recruiters in Seattle focus on finding the best tech talent in Seattle. They know the best recruiters in Seattle and can help you find the best candidates.

1 Scion Technical

Scion Technical Staffing is a full-service executive search firm that specializes in delivering exceptional people for hire to clients. Expanding and propelling organizations and organizations require immediate access to top technology talent.

Scion Technical Staffing supports its clients’ technical success by bringing pre-screened, skilled, agile, and motivated IT professionals together. Tech talent that is well prepared and informed is critical to successful business ideas. Scion Technical Staffing gives a competitive technology advantage through effective recruiting in challenging technological markets.

2 Viri Technology

Viri Technology is a full-service technology staffing firm based in the Pacific Northwest. They provide recruiting for both contract and direct hire jobs. Viri Technology’s recruiters come from a variety of IT professions.

Their specialists can assist candidates and customers with tech opportunities in many sectors, including software, infrastructure, IT leadership, and even create jobs.

3 Express Of Seattle

Express of Seattle, Washington is a locally-owned and managed employment firm that serves the greater Seattle region. Its staff of professional recruiters assists job seekers in locating suitable employers in four fields: full-time, part-time, or temporary employment.

Associates get perks such as medical and 401(k) retirement savings plans when they are eligible. Express of Seattle has over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, making it one of the top agencies in both America and Canada.

4 Fuel Talent

Fuel Talent is a company that connects Seattle-based businesses with potential employees. Its team provides direct hiring, contract, executive coaching, and payroll services. They search for talent for every position category from managerial to executive levels on up.

Fuel Talent is a Corporate Philanthropist and Best Workplaces in Washington, where Shauna Swerland is both the CEO and an advisor to the Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership program at the University of Washington.

5 Talley Group

The Talley Group is a recruitment firm in Seattle that hires engineers and other engineering-related professionals. It provides a wide range of services and solutions, including direct hire recruiting, human resources consulting, and customized accurate invoicing.

Over the years, it has served six geographic regions including civil engineering, environmental engineering, and aerospace. It is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities for women while also eliminating gender bias based on religion, age, or race.

General Recruiters in Seattle

General recruiters in Seattle include Marketing, Sales, HR, Legal, and Finance professionals. These recruiters are best suited to place people in entry-level and mid-career positions within their areas of expertise.

6 Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing is a recruitment firm that works with healthcare organizations in the Seattle region. It recruits travel nurses and offers direct-hire placement services for jobs such as unit managers and vice presidents, among other things. The company specializes in contract-to-hire placement and per diem staffing. Adam McKinnon and Ryan Skjonsberg started Axis Medical Staffing in 2004 in a 10×10 executive suite. The company was dubbed one of America’s fastest-growing private firms by Inc.

7 CareerPaths

CareerPaths is a full-service direct hire placement firm that aims to provide outstanding service to both employer-clients and candidate-clients. All candidates utilizing CareerPaths get personalized, professional service for free, whether they are fresh graduates or seasoned professionals. With a strong focus on delivering answers and a well-established network of employer clients, the expertise and connections of CareerPaths can assist anybody, no matter what their background or experience level.

CareerPaths was established in 2008 by Andre Taylor, a former collegiate athlete turned businessman, and in 2013 Tim Murphy became a partner. Both Andre and Tim have an illustrious career in recruiting with resumes that prove it. They both came from top-performing recruiters at their previous organizations.

8 Business Talent Solutions

Job seekers in Seattle can use Talent Pro to locate hiring leads, as well as employment agencies like Talent Professional Solutions that cater to this market. This business provides permanent direct-hire opportunities for a variety of professions, such as administrative support, executive assistant, paralegal, domestic and international logistics, and accounting.

The firm’s staff assists job candidates in modifying their resumes, undergoing interviews, and negotiating employment terms. Employers use this company’s assessment techniques to evaluate people through skills testing and reference checks. Dana Reeves, the business’s founder and senior recruiter with over 20 years of expertise as a senior corporate trainer for commercial work, has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting and training for business careers.

9 Matrix Finance & Accounting

Matrix Finance & Accounting is an employment agency that specializes in recruiting workers for various companies in Seattle and nearby areas. The company uses a wide range of compensation models to look for qualified professionals that are needed for vacant jobs. Its team of recruiters is well-versed in finding candidates for various sectors, such as finance, human resources, accounting, and office management. The company fills positions from the executive to administrative levels for its clients.

10 Pace Staffing

The PACE Staffing Network is a Bellevue-based employment agency that connects employers and personnel in the Northwest healthcare community. The business has been serving clients for more than 40 years, and it places hundreds of people each year in per diem, contract, and permanent jobs. The PACE Staffing Network works with hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers

11 Opti Staffing

Opti is a recruitment agency in the Seattle area that offers employment solutions. The recruiting firm serves clients from many sectors, including construction, transportation and warehousing, finance, and logistics. Job seekers may also look for career possibilities in different industries such as customer service, marketing, and sales.

Opti Staffing offers a wide range of customizable services to local businesses, including temporary, short-term, and direct-hire solutions. When you’re ready to add fantastic personnel to your team, turn to the Opti Staffing team.

12 Seattle Financial

Seattle Financial is a full-service employment agency that serves the greater Seattle region. It works with businesses to help them find direct-hires, contractors, and contract-to-hire workers. Accounting and office administration firms are the main focus of the company, which has helped employers fill accounting managers, business analysts, data entry professionals, and human resource

13 Wunderland Group

WunderLand Group was established in 2009 as a full-service marketing staffing business. Wünderland Studio, the company’s on-demand production crew, also provides creative, digital, and marketing services. At WunderLand, we’re passionate about assisting our clients in increasing consumer exposure, engagement, advocacy, and brand loyalty via digital, creative, marketing, and communications channels.

14 West Coast Careers

West Coast Careers is a full-service staffing firm in Lynnwood that only provides “immediate, full-time” employment. The company specializes in filling jobs for account executives, business development representatives, marketing managers, and other sales and marketing positions for clients and prospects in the sales and marketing industry. Employers looking to expand their teams at the

15 Orin Rice

Orin Rice is a leading Sales Recruiter in Western Washington for professionals in the field. Orin Rice specializes in all levels of sales, customer success, and sales engineering talent. Since 2014, Orin Rice has called Western Washington his home. Meredith and Tim Sprangers founded the family-owned recruiting firm, which focuses on marketing, sales, and sales engineering while offering a robust referral program for qualified prospects and business partnerships.

16 Provisional Recruiting

Provisional Recruiting + Staffing Services, founded in 1994, is an independent specialized recruiting and staffing firm located in the Northpark Building in Spokane. Provisional Recruiting + Staffing Services has fast established itself as the leader of financial, office, healthcare, commercial, and technological recruitment on the Inland Northwest. Through superior client and applicant service, we are dedicated to ensuring our company’s long-term success.

Provisional, with three offices across Washington, has placed more than 15,000 contract employees and 8,000 direct hire experts. This full-service recruiting business distinguishes itself by giving contract staffing professionals career counseling, training, and benefits.

Executive Recruiters in Seattle

Want to hire a top executive in Seattle? Here are the top executive recruiting firms in Seattle that can assist you in identifying your next CEO, CTO, VP, or another senior leader.

17 Kim Finch Cook & Company

Kim Finch Cook, Executive Recruiter, Inc. has worked in the recruitment field for 25 years and has over 20 years of experience as a freelance recruiter in the Seattle region. Kim Finch Cook provides consulting services to help each party find the best match for their Accounting, Finance, Business Development, IT, Marketing, and Product Development needs.

18 Seattle Corporate Search

For 11 years, Seattle Corporate Search has been an employment agency for clients in Seattle and surrounding areas. It helps first-time or seasoned job seekers in the sales, management, and administration sectors find work as a business development representative, marketing manager, administrative support, or receptionist. Employers in the technology, professional services, manufacturing, and distribution

19 Parker Remick

Parker Remick is a retained executive search consulting firm. Parker Remick is a collaborative group of consultants, in-house researchers, and project support specialists who have been tested on hundreds of assignments across 26 countries. Its clients are inspired and motivated by it. Parker Remick helps businesses in 25 countries identify the best leaders for their requirements, including Google, Amazon, Twitter, and PayPal. The three Pacific Northwest locations served by Parker Remick include Google (in Redmond), Paypal (in Walla Walla), and Amazon (in Seattle).

20 Herd Freed Hartz

Herd Freed Hartz is a ‘Northwest’s Leading Retained Executive Search Firm,’ with 90 percent of their business coming from repeat clients and recommendations. It appears that the referral network is paying off, given that it includes Starbucks, the Space Needle, and REI. Over 300+ customers have entrusted us with their most crucial roles as Seattle & Portland’s leading retained executive search firm.


Today, Seattle’s technology sector is defined by Microsoft and Amazon’s prominent name recognition and innovation reputation. It’s no surprise that Seattle has become a hub for all types of technological businesses.

Do your recruitment research as early as possible, and don’t stop looking for new talent until you’ve found them. Even if you work with an internal or external recruiter, the searches may take some time.

Working with a local recruiting agency is the best way to go if you’re new to Seattle since they’ll be able to assist you with hiring locally.

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