10 Best Video Interviewing Software

11 Best Video Interviewing Software

HR professionals and hiring managers are relying on video interviewing software more than ever before. Video interviews make the whole hiring process easier, quicker, and more convenient for employers and candidates alike. It doesn’t matter where you or your candidates are or when your schedules align: with video interviewing, interviews can happen any time, anywhere.

Given the popularity and power of video interview software, we decided to put up a list of our favorite video interviewing tools. If your company isn’t already using video interviews, you may find the ideal software package on this list. If you’re looking for a way to conduct more effective video interviews, one of these platforms may be ideal for you.

Best Video Interview Software

1 MyInterview

MyInterview is a cloud-based video interview platform that brings candidates and employers together. One-way video interviews are a fantastic method for businesses to pre-screen prospective employees. Customized questions, managing applicant applications, and reviewing and commenting on them are all features.

The goal of personality-driven recruiting is to streamline and cheapen the recruitment process by putting a candidate’s personality upfront in an application and ensuring that a company is a perfect match.

2 HireVue

HireVue allows you to give a candidate an interview in real-time by allowing them to record their responses using HireVue software. You can use HireVue software to show questions to a candidate in real-time and have them answer, just like with other video conferencing services. Your interview may be run the same as any other, and candidates may record interviews on both mobile and desktop devices with HireVue.

3 VidCruiter

VidCruiter is a virtual interview software that helps HR departments streamline their recruiting by combining video tools to save time and improve the quality of applicants, as well as offering a branded hiring portal and organizing all applicant activity in a web-based applicant tracking system.

VidCruiter also provides a commercial online video interview service that includes companies recording interview questions that candidates respond to on camera, through text-based response, or by calling a 1-800 number when applying for a position or in the recruiting process. This allows you to meet with only qualified finalists in person. VidCruiter also has an applicant tracking and management system on the backend. The solution is completely web-based.

4 Willo

Willo is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized teams who want to create the greatest team of people anywhere. It’s easy to set up an interview; you can complete it in just three minutes! After that, share the link with anybody from all around the world able to record video responses.

Each hopeful will have a limited time to answer each question and may also be restricted on retakes. On any device or browser, Willo allows you to hire asynchronously. Willo is connected to Zapier. Furthermore, it’s free to use, which is fantastic!

5 Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a video interviewing software that has 6,000+ users conducting video interviews in over 100 countries. Employers and staffing businesses may use it to conduct cost-effective, reliable online video interviews.

Spark Hire has helped thousands of businesses “meet” prospects faster than ever before by employing one-way video interviews to eliminate phone screens, simplify recruiting, and gain more insight into candidates since its launch in early 2012. Unlimted one-way and recorded live video interviews are available with no contracts or setup fees for clients.

6 Avature Video Interview

Avature’s recruiting software has one of the most comprehensive ATS and CRM solutions available, making it ideal for global firms. To keep up with the fast pace of remote hiring, they’ve launched a video interview platform that allows talent acquisition teams to quickly screen applicants. It’s fully integrated with their entire suite, yet it may also be used on its own by businesses searching for video interviewing technology.

7 InterviewStream

InterviewStream is a web-based system that provides live video interviews, pre-recorded interview sessions, and InterviewStream 360, a practice interview software. It also offers Video Interview BrandedExperience, a video interviewing tool that gives video-based questions and responses.

Interviewers can use InterviewStream to create interview guides that allow them to pick from appropriate industry, business, or role-specific questions. These pre-made queries guarantee that the entire hiring staff has all of the information they need to make an informed selection.

8 JOBVITE Video Screening

Jobvite video offers an on-demand video screening tool that improves and extends the quality of the applicant selection procedure. Jobvite has a leg up over other video interview solutions because it’s the only one with a direct link to an ATS.

This is a big plus in keeping your recruiting team organized and on track since it allows you to share candidates’ recorded answers with your staff. The ability to share candidates’ recorded answers with your crew is a unique feature of Jobvite’s interview tool, which aids in the rapid elimination of irrelevant prospects.

9 EasyHire

EasyHire is a cloud-based video interview system designed with both recruiting staff and job seekers in mind. On-demand interviews, which have grown increasingly popular among candidates, allow you to conduct your initial employment screen whenever and wherever you choose. To generate a variety of questions for jobs, talent teams may utilize video queries, quiz-style questions, technical / coding questions, and written response items. Share question sets effortlessly across coworkers to enhance the level of consistency in your applicant’s experience.

10 Modern Hire

Modern Hire’s video interview services, which are focused on providing a consistent and uniform experience for all candidates, include live and on-demand video interviews. Modern Hire’s integrated branding capabilities are a nice touch, allowing employers to exhibit more of their unique cultures throughout the recruitment process.

Video interviews are not as effective as face-to-face interviews, but given the remote working environment and integration of global talent, video interviews may be a feasible alternative.

Video interview may be a great method to pre-screen applicants for local hire. This allows you to save time and interview many candidates in a single sitting.

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