Hiretual: AI-Powered Candidate Search & Data Hub for Hiring Teams

Hiretual: AI-Powered Candidate Search & Data Hub for Hiring Teams

The world of recruitment has changed rapidly in the last decade. What used to be a simple, straightforward process is now complex and time-consuming. Hiring teams are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of applications they receive on a daily basis. The old ways of recruiting have been rendered ineffective by these changes, but there is hope!

What Is Hiretual? What Does It Do?

Hiretual is an AI-powered candidate search and data hub that centralizes all recruiting efforts for hiring teams big and small. It integrates with 30+ Applicant Tracking Systems to drive real-time data synchronization and scalability in an organization’s tech stack—no more waiting for another software vendor to integrate your ATS! Experience fast and simple AI Sourcing across 750M+ profiles on the open web, build personalized engagement campaigns with extensive market insights and rediscover old profiles in your database with intelligent data enrichment.

Hiretual is one of the most popular talent sourcing tools on the market today. Let’s dig into its features and get an understanding of what it can do for you.

Powerful Talent Sourcing AI Engine Feature

First and foremost, it is a powerful AI-driven tool for you to source talents. Hiretual leverages the power of artificial intelligence to bring you an unmatched level of efficiency when it comes to sourcing potential candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other open web sources—no more manually searching for hours!

Hiretual’s Artificial Intelligence engine is a network of knowledge that stores data on relationships, meaning and people, places, and spaces.

More than a database, it’s a self-learning and self-expanding infrastructure that bridges together millions of nodes through trillions of data connections to store everything from old profiles in your database with intelligent data enrichment.

Recruiters can easily find relevant candidates and follow up with them. Find, engage, deliver and rediscover candidates in one space while collecting valuable market research data. Hiretual’s cutting-edge AI identifies contact information and has an 85% success rate for reaching out to hiring managers or employees during the process of recruiting a candidate.

One of the more unique features in Hiretual, one that sets it apart from nearly all other recruiters out there, is its scholar sourcing filter. This offers a plethora of valuable information for many different professions, such as research scientists and mathematicians.

Boost Candidate Engagement Feature

Hiretual’s candidate engagement feature enables hiring teams to send personalized emails with one click. Simply insert email addresses into the template for each recipient in order to be able to do this (ie. firstname@company).

Here are a few other capabilities:

  1. Create personalized email sequences and send up to 10 emails at once all from a single template!
  2. Receive live, predictive analytics for email performance as you type in your email templates.
  3. You can make your emails even more effective by sending them on behalf of a team member or hiring manager
  4. Track the delivery of your email campaign in Hiretual and choose between single or multi-template, as well as ATS-integrated or non-ATS integrated versions.
  5. Review candidates’ engagement history to ensure that members of your team do not reach out to the same candidate.

Hiretual Market Insights Feature

Another cool feature is the Hiretual Market Insight; this feature provides visibility into current trends in the open hiring market to help you make informed hiring decisions.

Basically, Hiretual’s Market Insight gives you a bird’s eye view of the market and where candidates are working, their past employers, years of experience, and skillsets.

Hiretual analyzes data from across 750 million profiles, 100 million job descriptions, and 50 companies to give you insights into the market.

Diversity And Inclusion Feature

To start, let’s define what diversity and inclusion mean.

Diversity means embracing differences in political ideologies, race, cultures, religions, classes, and genders. In the workplace, this can be expressed by a multicultural staff that brings diverse perspectives to your company’s culture.

Inclusion is the act of making everyone feel involved and valued in a process. Recognizing talents, leveraging strengths, and encouraging diversity will help create an inclusive company environment.

Both inclusion and diversity are important, but without one the other will be incomplete. If you have high levels of inclusion but low diversity, company culture can feel toxic and stagnant. They might also become uncreative if they are only experiencing the same dominant thoughts and ideas over an extended period of time. Likewise, if your company has high degrees of both diversity and inclusion this will result in a diverse workforce where everyone knows that their contribution is valued no matter who they are or what they look like.

Hiretual Diversity & Inclusion feature will help identify bias in the hiring process so that you know whether your HR teams are sourcing outreach efforts effectively to hire a diverse workforce.

Hiretual’s AI enables organizations to broaden the scope of their searches for diverse talent by accurately analyzing the data points from candidate profiles including schools and other diversity-based criteria.

Additionally, Hiretual’s AI filters allow you to search for matches based on gender, race, ethnicity, or veteran status.

Pretty slick!

Hiretual Talent Fusion Feature

Here’s another cool functionality that may not be immediately obvious. If you are curious about past candidates with a specific company, there is an option to search into your database to find former candidates who have already been in touch with this employer before.

This handy feature can help lessen the burden of finding new talent by re-engaging those that you’ve had contact with in the past but haven’t found it necessary to follow up on yet.

Hiretual Chrome Extension Tool

Hiretual Chrome extension is a tool for viewing various candidates’ information on sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, Stack Overflow, and Google Scholar. The extension merges this data with the Hiretual project to provide automatic insights in minutes which are then added to your project.

The chrome extension allows you to discover a ton of personal and work contact information including social media links, education, expertise and skills, travel frequency level per city or country alphabetically when sourced by name or location to find the perfect candidate.

Hiretual Integration Feature

Hiretual integrates with any app you’ve already invested in, including other ATS (application tracking system), CRM, and resume search apps.

Few applications Hiretual integrates with:

  • Workable provides a personalized interface for managing and tracking candidates.
  • Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning.
  • SmartRecruiters is an end-to-end recruiting platform to find, engage, and hire talent.
  • Jobvite provides end-to-end talent acquisition software and services that increase recruiting quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent.
  • Greenhouse’s applicant tracking system and recruiting software are designed to help make companies great at hiring and hire for what’s next.

Hiretual Security Clearance Search Feature

Hiretual AI Clearance Search, another excellent built-in search feature, enables you to search for cleared candidates. Build the perfect search with 12 clearance filters and comprehensive AI features like keyword filters or an organization history filter.

The Security Clearance Inference displays why a candidate is a right fit for this position.

This feature allows you to review the companies, locations, or positions that make an applicant’s security status clear.

We absolutely love this feature.

In closing …

With so many AI-driven talent search applications available on the market today, it can be difficult to understand which one is best for your needs if you don’t do a trial run of each.

We encourage you to do your own research and testing to ensure the application meets your needs. Remember, one application will not have all the features you need – sometimes, it is necessary to use two or more applications in order to achieve desired results.

Good luck!


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