4 Common Mistakes Recruiters Make

4 Common Mistakes Most Recruiters Make

Are you a recruiter? If you are, then you know that it’s not an easy job. What’s more, you bear a heavy burden. Companies are relying on you to provide the right applicant, as improper hiring can lead to wasted time and money. The futures of job applicants are also in your hands. 

As a recruiter, it’s then part of your set of tasks that you avoid clumsy mistakes that other recruiters may commit.

Common Mistakes Most Recruiters Make

Here are some of the more common mistakes:

Improper Job Description

Part of your responsibilities may be to set up the ads for the job openings on various platforms. But you may be using the wrong job titles and descriptions. This can result in companies hiring the wrong people for the job, while the actually qualified applicants are not enticed by how you present the job opening. 

You need to include the required qualifications and attributes that you want applicants to have. To be sure that you get applicants who will fit in with the company, you should also describe the goals and culture of the company so that applicants will know if they’re a good match. 

Also, don’t forget that sometimes job titles can change over time. So if you’re thinking of using old posts again, better recheck the copy to make sure you’re not using an obsolete job title. 

Unsuitable Application Process

Sometimes it’s a mistake to narrow down your requirements to specific skills and educational backgrounds. You may be turning away otherwise qualified candidates who may do very well in your open job positions. For example, if you’re looking for reporters and writers you may not want to limit your applicants to those with just journalism or a creative writing degree. 

You also need to make sure your application process moves on a definite timeline. You can’t go too slowly, as your company’s operations may be suffering while the job remains unoccupied. But you can’t move too fast either, as you may overlook certain factors in the process. 

A Rude Interviewing Method

You may have to interview applicants to get a better feel for them. But these applicants may not get the best impression of the job if they don’t act properly during the interview. 

Plenty of job applicants may not go through with an application if they don’t behave properly during an interview. Inappropriate behavior for you includes being extremely late for the interview, or maybe not even showing up at all. 

If you do show up, other mistakes include rushing applicants to answer questions and not giving applicants your full attention. It’s extremely rude to fiddle with your phone while job applicants are responding to your questions. 

Not Checking the References

You don’t do your corporate client any good if you don’t check the references given by the applicants. Checking these references tells you about their previous job responsibilities so you can see if they can handle the new ones. You also get a better sense of their strengths and weaknesses. 

Avoid all these common mistakes, and you can avoid the pitfalls that have befallen many other recruiters like you! 


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