13 Best Recruiting Books to Help You Attract, Interview, Evaluate, and Hire Top Talent

13 Best Recruiting Books to Help You Attract, Interview, Evaluate, and Hire Top Talent

Looking for the best recruiting books to help you ace your next hire? Look no further! We have searched high and low and compiled a list of the best books to help you attract, interview, evaluate, and hire new employees.

These books are a great resource for recruiters of all levels of experience, covering topics like data-driven hiring practices, interviewing strategies, technology’s role in recruiting, and best practices for assembling offers. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the recruiting field, these books are sure to give you the insights and tools you need to hire the best of the best.

Best Recruiting Books For Recruiters

Let’s step back for a moment. For context, recruitment books are guides to attracting, interviewing, evaluating, and hiring new employees. These resources cover topics like data-driving hiring practices, interviewing strategies, technology’s role in recruiting, and best practices for assembling offers. These books are also called “hiring books” or “recruiting books.”

These books are a subset of HR books, and share similarities with books on project management, people management books, and employee engagement books. But what sets recruitment books apart is their focus on meeting and greeting new people every day. And if you want to be a successful recruiter, you have to keep yourself updated every day.

Benefits of Reading Recruiting Books

There are many benefits of reading recruiting books. For starters, they can help you learn about the latest trends in recruiting and hiring. They can also give you insights into different recruitment strategies that you can use to attract top talent. Additionally, these books can provide you with tips on how to interview candidates, evaluate their qualifications, and make job offers.

Reading recruiting books can also help you develop a network of contacts in the recruitment industry. These contacts can be invaluable when you’re looking for a new job or trying to fill a position in your company. Finally, reading these books can simply be enjoyable. They’re packed with useful information, but they’re also written in an engaging and entertaining style.

Top 13 Best Recruiting Books You Need To Read Now

Now that you know more about recruiting books and how to choose the best ones, it’s time to start reading! Below is a list of our 30 top picks, organized by topic.

Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksRecruit Rockstars – The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business

Recruiting problems are often a cover for business issues. If you’re filling your company’s vacant spots with B-Players, you’re playing with fire. Instead, hire Rockstars to create an organization with limitless potential. Recruit Top-Tier Executive Recruiter Jeff Hyman has hired over 3000 individuals throughout his career as an executive recruiter.

In this book, Hyman goes over a ten-step technique for finding the best talent that is based on data rather than intuition. From sourcing and screening to closing and onboarding, you’ll learn how to attract winners like a magnet while avoiding the errors that result in bad hires. Assembling a team of driven and inventive Rockstars is one of the most potent competitive advantages available in today’s ever-changing business climate. Recruit Rockstars will assist you in achieving your numbers, impressing your investors, and outperforming your competition.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksFull Stack Recruiter – The Ultimate Edition

There are several strategies used by successful recruiters that will help you advance your career, whether you’re already in the industry or just looking to start. Of course, no one is born knowing how to do this; it takes years of experience in the field to acquire these skills. This book is a compilation of years of practical, real-world expertise distilled into one comprehensive handbook for succeeding in your recruiting career in the digital era.

With this book, recruiters can learn more about the industry as a whole while also increasing and deepening the expertise of more experienced specialists. Whether you’re in the first or second category, this book will assist you in taking your career to the next level.

This book is divided into two parts:

You’ll start with the basics, focusing on sourcing techniques. You’ll discover new and innovative ways to source and locate great prospects, as well as how to get in touch with them and approach them in a professional and effective manner. And there’s much more!

The second section covers recruitment. You’ll learn how to excel in recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, and recruiting analytics, as well as handle a variety of other responsibilities effectively.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksThe Best Team Wins – Build Your Business Through Predictive Hiring

Adam Robinson’s The Best Team Wins offers a tried-and-true, straightforward, and successful approach to bringing on new recruits. He explains how to reevaluate the recruiting, evaluation, and hiring process.

In this book, the author will teach you a data-driven approach to recruiting that is based on analytics and research rather than “gut instinct.” The book goes through subjects like identifying an organization’s competitive advantage, filtering the applicant pool, and validating prospects without being overly invasive.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksSocial Media Recruitment – How to successfully integrate social media into recruitment strategy

As the recruiting space evolves, different strategies are required to attract talent, and social media is one of them. Many HR and recruiting professionals, on the other hand, lack the expertise and understanding to develop a successful social media recruitment strategy.

Social Media Recruitment integrates practical advice with case studies and insights from industry experts to give a comprehensive overview of what social media means for human resources and recruitment as well as how to implement it successfully.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksThe Talent War – How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent

The “war for talent” is a phrase frequently used by professionals. So, who else but combat commanders to navigate fights and high-pressure situations? In The Talent War, authors and former Navy SEALs Mike Sarraille, George Randle, and Josh Cotton share their unique insights on how to identify, assess, attract, and retain top talent.

The book begins with an overview of the “talent war” landscape, before diving into actionable advice for businesses—including how to build a high-performance team, identify key players on that team, and foster a culture where everyone can succeed.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksWho

Who is one of the most recommended recruiting books on the market, according to leading experts? The single greatest challenge in business today, according to The Economist, is ineffective hiring, which has been dubbed “the $1.5 million mistake.” Every year, a company loses approximately $1.5 million dollars in revenue and countless man-hours due to bad hires. Even more startling when you consider that managers’ typical hiring success rate is only 50%.

In this book, Geoff Smart and Randy Street provide a simple, practical, and effective solution to the challenge of hiring great talent. They explain how to find and hire A players by using a data-driven approach that anyone can learn and apply.

It’s all about Who when it comes to hiring, whether you’re a member of a board of directors seeking a new CEO, the owner of a small business searching for the right people to help your company grow, or a parent looking for someone to watch their child.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksHiring for Attitude – A Revolutionary Approach to Recruiting and Selecting People with Both Tremendous Skills and Superb Attitude

This book is about a revolutionary approach to recruiting and selecting people who have not only the skills but also the right attitude for the job. In Hiring for Attitude, Mark Murphy reveals the importance of hiring for attitude and provides a step-by-step process for doing so.

The book starts with an overview of the current state of affairs in recruitment, where Murphy argues that the traditional approach to hiring is broken. He then goes on to explain what attitude is and why it matters. Next, he outlines a proven process for hiring for attitude, which includes identifying the right attitude profile for the job, using structured interviews to assess candidates’ attitudes, and making sure that new hires are a good fit for the company culture.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksHigh-Impact Interview Questions – 701 Behavior-Based Questions to Find the Right Person for Every Job

The usual interview questions we’ve all experienced are expected from most prospective hires. And, as might be expected, their answers do not always set them apart from others. As a result, the employer is left with no alternative but to go on a hunch. But with High-Impaction Interview Questions at your disposal, you won’t have to guess any longer if the responses are genuine or prepared.

This book will show you how to dig deeper using competency-based behavioral interview techniques to find truly relevant and useful information. The interviewer will have a more detailed knowledge of past behaviors and a more accurate prediction of future performance when the applicant is asked to describe particular, job-related situations.

The second edition of this book includes hundreds of new questions to assess accountability, assertiveness, attention to detail, judgment, follow-through, risk-taking, social media usage, and more, is available now. By the time interviews are completed, the real person behind the CV will be revealed and you will be able to make an offer based on verified information rather than hopeful predictions.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksMotivation-based Interviewing: A Revolutionary Approach to Hiring the Best

This is an excellent book on how to conduct interviews that focus on motivation. The book is based on the premise that it is not IQ or skills that predict success on the job, but rather a motivation. The book provides a step-by-step guide to conducting these types of interviews, as well as how to evaluate the results.

Stop asking the wrong interview questions, and start using motivation-based interviewing to hire the best candidates for the job.

Carol Quinn, world-renowned keynote speaker, and career expert, offers a comprehensive guide for correctly and confidently assessing competence, attitude, and passion so you can identify the incremental differences that distinguish the pretenders from the genuine high performers. You’ll never conduct an interview in the same way again once you discover the power of Motivation-based Interviewing!

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksHigh Velocity Hiring – How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant

In High Velocity Hiring, authors Scott Wintrip provides a step-by-step guide to help organizations find and hire the best talent quickly and efficiently. The book starts with an overview of the high-velocity hiring process, which includes identifying the need, sourcing candidates, screening candidates, interviewing candidates, and making an offer.

The authors then go on to provide detailed instructions for each step of the process, including how to use technology to speed up the hiring process, how to assess candidates using behavioral-based interviews, and how to make sure that new hires are a good fit for the company culture.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksThe Effective Hiring Manager

The Effective Hiring Manager is a comprehensive guide to hiring great talent. The book covers everything from how to write a job ad that attracts the right candidates to how to conduct an effective interview.

The book also covers how to evaluate resumes, plan interviews, document and assess interview outcomes, and make offers or reject candidates. The Effective Hiring Manager is a useful resource for new recruiters, hiring managers unfamiliar with HR standards, or seasoned business professionals looking for a refresher.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksThe Talent Fix – A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent

For decades, attempts to acquire corporate talent have failed, but they don’t have to. There are straightforward solutions, organizational designs, and technological advancements that can quickly improve an organization’s capability to hire new employees.

The Talent Fix is a new, practical, and scalable talent acquisition method for organization leaders and recruiters who want to develop and maintain a great talent acquisition function. With real-world examples and stories about how innovative firms and top talent acquirement executives are successfully recruiting today, this book provides a tested, practical, and scalable recruit model for talent acquirement planners. It also shows how businesses may establish and sustain a fantastic talent acquisition department.

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Modern Recruiters - 13 Best Recruiting BooksHiring for Diversity: The Guide to Building an Inclusive and Equitable Organization

You want to create a more diverse organization, but you’re not sure how to change your recruiting practices. Learn from the world’s top talent executives and the worldwide leader in diversity hiring about the playbook. Hiring for Diversity: The Guide to Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Organization gathers all of the most cutting-edge strategies for implementing a diversity hiring strategy while providing your company with a comprehensive perspective and an actionable plan.

You’ll master the following skills throughout this course: how to evaluate your current recruiting and retention practices in order to identify the most pressing and high-impact possibilities; where to make quick changes to your hiring procedures and policies in order to reduce bias and increase accessibility; how to create a comprehensive diversity sourcing plan by gaining a holistic knowledge of underrepresented groups; how to shift people at your company’s mindset and behavior so that you may collaboratively advance your diversity recruiting efforts; and how to track your progress as well as report your impact on diversity hiring.

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How to Choose the Best Recruiting Books

With so many recruiting books on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth reading. When you’re choosing a book, look for one that covers the topics that you’re most interested in. You should also make sure that the book is from a reputable source and that it’s been well-reviewed by other readers.

You can also ask your friends, colleagues, or mentors for recommendations. If you know someone who’s particularly knowledgeable about recruiting, they may be able to point you in the direction of some great books. Finally, don’t forget to check out the resources section at the end of this article for a list of our top picks.

How Does Reading Help You in Recruiting?

Reading helps you in recruiting in multiple ways. For starters, it helps to keep you updated on the latest trends and developments in the recruitment industry. Additionally, reading gives you insights into different recruitment strategies that you can use to attract top talent. Furthermore, reading provides tips on how to interview candidates, evaluate their qualifications, and make job offers. Finally, reading also helps you develop a network of contacts in the recruitment industry.

What Are the Different Types of Recruitment Books?

There are many different types of recruitment books available on the market. Some focus on specific topics, such as how to use technology in recruiting or how to conduct data-driven hiring practices. Others are more general in nature and provide an overview of the recruitment process from start to finish. Additionally, there are books that focus on specific aspects of recruiting, such as how to interview candidates or how to evaluate resumes.

What Are the Best Recruiting Books?

The best-recruiting books are those that offer insights into the latest trends and developments in the recruitment industry. They should also provide tips on how to attract top talent, how to interview candidates, and how to make job offers. Additionally, the best-recruiting books should be from a reputable source and well-reviewed by other readers.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting changes every day, which is why it’s important to keep up with the latest books on the subject. By reading these 13 best-recruiting books, you’ll learn how to attract, interview, evaluate, and hire new employees using the most up-to-date methods.

These books will also help you understand the techniques in recruiting, and how to create an inclusive and equitable organization. By reading these books, you’ll be sure to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of recruiting.

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