10 Benefits Working Moms Want

10 Benefits Working Moms Want

Working mothers are an iconic part of modern society. They work, juggle family life and keep a perfect pace with everything in between. Yet what happens when the job becomes too tough? With parenthood comes a time when many moms find themselves at their wit’s end, controlling and keeping up with work as well as the demands of a growing family. And so they quit.

Last year’s events brought to light the diverse set of challenges faced by women and mothers when it comes time to return to work. Those who choose to rejoin the workforce will be evaluating job opportunities with new goals in mind; this includes what benefits are offered, whether they would feel supported at their workplace, and how a healthy work/life balance.

Benefits That’ll Attract & Recruit Working Moms

Here are 10 benefits working mothers want from their employers.

  1. Flexible Schedules – Flexible working hours to accommodate family needs. The ability to have a work-life balance and care for the children is important in this day and age. Mothers are trying to figure out how much time they can spare with kids (i.e., napping, feeding). This might mean working four days instead of five.
  2. Breastfeeding Benefits – Some of the first benefits that working moms should consider are breastfeeding benefits. This includes free breast milk supply shipping for traveling parents and a dedicated lactation room at the office. Traveling mothers who must travel for work, after having a child, may need help with milk shipment from their location to home. Without this benefit, new moms could end up spending
  3. Family Care Benefits – The return rate of women to the workforce after giving birth has been an issue for some time, and this is one reason that many parents fear not having an adequate childcare solution. Solutions are available when companies make a priority out of offering daycare services or on-call babysitters for staff members who cannot find reliable care elsewhere.
  4. Paid Parental Leave – The US is among the few developed countries without national policies that provide new parents with paid time off to care for their children. Too, with paid maternity leave, your company will automatically become more attractive.
  5. Onsite Daycare – For working moms in the US who are working out of their homes or telecommuting, finding an onsite daycare facility is often a challenge because many people need to bring their kids with them as they work remotely and it can take hours for parents to commute back and forth from daycare to their office.
  6. Unlimited Vacation – Many women plan to “go back” to the workforce, but 69% of working mothers in America intend to remain at home as full-time caregivers until their children are older. Unlimited vacation policies are another way your company can help with this issue by giving women more flexibility and allowing them to take time off without losing days from their permanent record
  7. Competitive Pay – If you want to avoid losing potential employees, and have a diverse workforce that will attract more women, then your company needs open discussions about salaries. You should review the levels of compensation with other companies in order to make sure you’re keeping up, and internally take steps to ensure all employees are being paid properly for their job skills and performance.
  8. Concierge Services – This is a cost-effective way for employers to attract mothers because many mothers would be happy with getting their personal errands done as part of the job. Not only could this help them balance work and family better, but it can make life easier in general that most working moms are more than willing to help you out with your problems.
  9. Mental Healthcare – Employers should offer their employees assistance with mental illness, stress, and general wellness. Recent statistics show that many working mothers have been sidelined due to workplace discrimination as well as the lack of adequate care for perinatal mood disorders.
  10. Mentorship Program – Mentoring programs should be an integral and ongoing process in your company. One of the top reasons for employee turnover is a lack of career development opportunities, and this is especially true when it comes to women. Mentorship can also be extremely helpful for mothers who feel lost or left behind; these programs provide powerful opportunities that can keep female employees engaged while they

Other On-Site Perks

There are many other things that employers can do to make their company more attractive to new talent, including offering a variety of amenities besides childcare and concierge services. For instance, many companies have fitness rooms, yoga centers, etc., so employees don’t have to make a special trip to the gym.

This is where employers get creative and offer perks that other employers might not offer such as on-site manicures and pedicures or even go as far as providing tranquil room for napping. The more you do accommodate your employee’s lives outside of work hours the easier it will be for them to find your company appealing enough to sign on with you.

In conclusion:

There’s no denying the importance of a gender-balanced workforce. From greater profitability to access to a wider talent pool, companies that strive for gender diversity can reap powerful benefits. However, thanks to the pandemic many women — and working moms in particular — have left the workforce and they aren’t necessarily anxious to return. In fact, when TopResume asked more than 1500 working moms in the US if they were planning to stay at home as full-time caregivers for a while 69% said they intended to remain there until their children grow up.

To recruit or retain working moms, implement a comprehensive benefits package that includes both work and home perks. When you can offer them benefits that will help with their career development and more time at home connecting to family; working moms are going to want to work for your company.

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