Why Full-Stack Software Engineer Is The Best Role In Tech

Why Full-Stack Software Engineer Is The Best Role In Tech

In today’s world of technology, there is a role for every last function, every last detail, and every last task. From Python engineer and AWS infrastructure engineer to full-stack engineer and front-end web developer, there are tons of exciting positions out there that everyone from novice tech professionals to seasoned developers can find some interest in.

However, there is one role that we believe every tech professional should seek out – a full-stack engineer.

What Is A Full-Stack Software Engineer?

A full-stack software engineer is essentially a Jack of All Trades. This type of role is quite demanding, but it’s also extremely rewarding. Typically, you’ll have a strong skill set that allows you to handle everything from databases and servers to systems engineering and clients. 

You’ll use these skills to create front-end components that specifically benefit the end-user. For instance, you might create components that handle batch operations and configuration, or you could design user profile settings that help to make an application appear more seamless.

Additionally, you’ll play an instrumental role in linking your company’s products with third-party software applications to take advantage of Cloud solutions and EMR systems. As you can see, the position requires you to wear a number of hats – but that is exactly what makes it so interesting.

Functioning Within A Group

Typically, full-stack engineers work within a team setting and a group environment. You’ll likely work with a number of team members who handle a variety of different tasks that contribute to the completion of a particular software project. You’ll likely participate in all aspects of design, review, peer development, testing, debugging, and implementation – all while playing a role in benchmark performance. 

Teamwork and collaboration isn’t just an option – it’s a key part of the software development process. Being able to work within a team environment is a critical skill set that any professional interested in full-stack software engineering positions need to possess.

An Eye For Innovation

Most importantly, a full-stack software engineer needs to be willing to take on new engineering challenges with a superior level of creativity. You’ll need to be able to quickly identify gaps in the market so that you can define potential solutions and implement cutting-edge designs in a team environment. From there, your collaboration skills will come into play, and you’ll need to be able to work with your team members to put your solutions to good use.

Successful full-stack engineers will likely possess a strong and fluent knowledge of Python 3, PHP, and Node, and they’ll also have a strong background in AWS, Vue.js, Flash, and Laravel. As one of the most sought-after positions in today’s tech industry, preparing yourself to apply for this role means building up your knowledge, skills, and expertise in all of the above areas.

Full-Stack Software Engineer Job

Sound like something you’ll be interested in doing? We got an opportunity for you to do that. Here’s the gist.

How You Will Contribute

  • As a member of our Integrations team, you will play a pivotal role in connecting third-party software to our own products, including analyzing cloud and on-premise hosted EMR systems and developing solutions to integrate with them
  • You will also create end user-facing front-end components to handle batch operations and configuration, such as file submission and user profile settings
  • Development of our event-driven, microservices architecture and developing workflows to help enhance parts of our product service offering.
  • Assist in enhancing our observability platform to aid in the monitoring of our integrations platform
  • Participate in all aspects of design, design review, peer development, unit testing, debugging, and implementation while helping benchmark performance.
  • Taking on new engineering challenges, defining potential solutions, and implementing designs in a team environment.

The Tech Stack

  • Language: Python 3, PHP, Node
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Framework: Vue.js, Flask, Laravel
  • Database: Postgres, DynamoDB
  • Events: ECS, Kinesis, SQS, SNS

Skills You’ll Bring

  • Strong experience in Python, Java, or PHP and a passion to learn a new language
  • Experience with Javascript using functional frameworks like React.js or Vue.js
  • Experience with event-driven technologies (Kafka, kinesis, SQS, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ) or experience with Microservices and scalable object-oriented RESTFUL web services
  • Experience with relational (MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres) or nonrelational (Redis, Dynamo, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Hbase)
  • Experience with a shared component design using controller-based patterns
  • Comfortable with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile environments
  • HL7, FHIR, or experience working with EMR systems is an asset

About You

  • You’re curious, love to learn and to dig into new technologies, and can pick them up quickly
  • You strive to excel, innovate and take pride in your work

It’s Time To Apply

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of full-stack software engineering, complete the form below – we’ll connect you to the hiring manager.



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