11 Best Tech Recruiters in San Francisco

11 Best Tech Recruiters in San Francisco

The Bay Area is home to some of the best tech talents in the country, and it’s where companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and many others can be found. As a result of this high level of competition for candidates, recruiters in San Francisco have experience with a variety of different hiring situations.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level software developer or someone to fill a C-suite position at your startup company, there are plenty of Bay Area tech recruiters who will help you find the right person for every role!

How do tech recruiters work?

There are many ways that IT recruitment firms operate, but their key responsibilities include developing connections with prospects and clients. Some recruiting agents sit in their client’s offices while they recruit, using the company’s email address. The vast majority of agencies have their own offices where they do recruit and create new sales leads while utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Agencies frequently keep candidate information in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows them to search it and send emails.

Many recruiters will demand that applicants visit them in person before introducing them to a client; the majority are content with speaking with candidates on the phone before setting them up for an interview with their client. In order to successfully place engineers at tech businesses in the Bay Area, recruiting agencies must build and maintain connections with potential recruits and customers.

Best Tech Recruiters in San Francisco – Bay Area

Here are our top 11 best tech recruiters in San Francisco who can help you locate outstanding people.

1 Pala Alto Staffing

Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto Staffing, founded in Palo Alto, California in 1979, is a full-service staffing firm that focuses on IT, digital marketing, and sales as well as creator jobs. Its team of non-technical and technical recruiters has deep roots in the Valley since we were established here. As a result, Pala Alto Staffing is Silicon Valley’s top professional staffing business.

Pala Alto Staffing knows the importance of having a single-source recruitment partner that can assist your organization with both specialized technical skill sets and corporate client-facing positions. Pala Alto Staffing has a recruiter who is skilled in finding you the best talent, whether you need a receptionist for your Sand Hill Rd workplace or a Python Developer for your web application.

2 Cadre Talent

San Francisco, CA

Cadre is a boutique technical recruiting firm catering to tech startups since 2007. They have helped hundreds of companies find the right tech talent by placing an emphasis on relationships and communication. They currently have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Austin, and are able to service the entire continental United States.

When you work with Cadre you are working with industry experts who have an intimate understanding of the market as well as a strong network throughout the tech ecosystem. Leverage Cadre to help land investors, customers, advisors, and of course, best-in-class talent.

3 Hirefuel

San Francisco, CA

Hirefuel is a premier boutique recruiting firm specializing in placing top talent with hyper-growth companies. Their proven track record is a testament to their passion and expertise in recruiting. As an extension of your brand, Hirefuel takes great pride in its relationships, ability to bring a personal touch, unrivaled experience, customization, and “startup speed” to talent acquisition.

With a deep-rooted network in San Francisco and Nationwide, Hirefuel is able to successfully target, identify, and deliver the best talent paired with an understanding of company culture and fit. Choosing the right recruiting partner is essential to a company’s success and talent’s career growth, and it’s apparent in the experience they bring.

4 Rivera Partners

San Francisco, CA

Riviera Partners is a key catalyst for today’s most innovative firms, expertly matching executive talent in the critical areas of software engineering, product management, and design. Riviera is the preferred talent partner for leading private equity investors, venture capitalists, and technology innovators due to its two-decade history of recruiting expertise as well as a proprietary platform that uses machine learning to score and predict the best applicant for a firm’s particular requirements.

Riviera was founded in 2001 to provide a better recruitment experience for businesses. Rivera Partners has been assisting revolutionary firms to flourish in a constantly changing technology environment since day one. This is accomplished by recruiting executives and engineers for successful outcomes. The values of Rivera Partners have allowed them to stay laser-focused and true to their origins while expanding and learning as the industry changes.

5 Grit Matters

San Francisco, CA

Grit Matters was created with the goal of developing a new model for finding and hiring top talent. They work in collaboration with your management team as an effective on-site resource, managing the recruiting process.

Grit Matters has a track record of delivering on hundreds of projects for its clients, and they believe the outcomes demonstrate not just Grit Matters’s capacity to successfully find and staff tasks in highly competitive markets, but also their method of building long-term partnerships that allow Grit Matters to offer more value to your organization over time.

6 Xoriant

Sunnyvale, CA

Xoriant has been a technology leader and execution partner throughout the Build, Run and Transform lifecycle for companies that create technology products, as well as enterprises that use those products to implement business solutions. Xoriant clients range from startups to Fortune 100 corporations and include BFSI, High Tech, Healthcare, Pharma, Industrial Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Automotive industries.

Xoriant’s engineers have used a methodical and disciplined approach for three decades, resulting in the creation of two significant enhancements for faster product delivery: They have abstracted and captured the most successful methods, framework components, accelerators, and technologies for addressing important customer issues.

Finally, in support of these advances, Xoriant has codified and standardized the engineering methodologies, implementation best practices, measurement methods, and early warning mechanisms while leaving room for further development. This is the “X·FACTOR” – the Xoriant secret sauce that guarantees robustness, adaptability, and continuity for all of our technological solutions.

7 EQ Recruiting

San Francisco, CA

EQ Recruiting, located in San Francisco, CA, has been conducting remote work since March 2020 and has discovered that they flourish under such conditions. EQ Recruiting is a highly collaborative team that strives to create a strong remote work culture through virtual team activities.

EQ Recruiting works with VC-backed firms in the San Francisco Bay Area across many sectors. Technical recruiting for individual contributor positions is our primary emphasis, but they also have recruiters on staff who specialize in sales, marketing, and product roles for startups of all sizes.

8 COIT Group

Sunnyvale, CA

The Coit Group specializes in finding top employees for high-growth firms. Coit Group is a knowledgeable, personable, and results-driven recruiter that carefully screens prospects to verify they are a good fit for the job, team culture, and company culture before meeting with the client. At every stage of the interview process, Coit recruiters champion talent by checking in to offer assistance and direction.

Coit Group takes pride in developing relationships with candidates over time. Their goal is to provide top talent options for companies looking to hire talented professionals at every stage before they make any decision about hiring new hires or making expansions within their teams. By offering personalized service through each step of the recruiting process, the recruiters are able to take one client’s needs into consideration while also being aware of other opportunities across industries so as not to overlook exceptional individuals who might be perfect fits elsewhere but wouldn’t have been considered otherwise since there wasn’t an open position at hand when the candidate first reached out.

9 SCION Technical

San Francisco, CA

Scion Technical is a top-rated technical, creative, and IT staffing firm that offers exceptional contract, permanent, and executive talent on demand. Since 2006, SCION Technical has had the pleasure of working with thousands of local, national, and international clients.

Securing skilled employees with the latest technology quickly is a high priority for growth and successful businesses and organizations. Scion Technical Staffing enables our clients to achieve technological success by connecting them with pre-screened, talented, agile, and motivated technical experts. In order to succeed in competitive IT industries, companies need well-aligned and knowledgeable technical expertise. Scion Technical gives a strategic advantage in recruitment within challenging technological markets.

10 Terminal

San Francisco, CA

Terminal creates exceptional engineering teams to help world-changing firms succeed faster. Terminal locates blossoming technology hotspots across the globe and connects the world’s top engineers with the most outstanding enterprises.

Terminal connects the world’s top firms with Silicon Valley and global tech leaders to help them expand into new markets while maintaining outstanding perks and unique access to top minds. Terminal’s amazing client teams include everything from cutting-edge front-end technologies to hyper-scale infrastructure, AR/VR/IOT, Data Science, DevOps, and more.

11 TripleByte

San Francisco, CA

Triplebyte was formed on the conviction that the existing technical recruiting procedure isn’t adequate for revealing engineers’ talents. Triplebyte was founded to assist engineers in finding great employment by assessing their skills without depending on their resume accolades.

Triplebyte initiates a three-step process that starts with a blind assessment and continues through phone interviews. If candidates pass the first parts of the process, Triplebit will fly potential hires to the West Coast and set them up with a gauntlet of face-to-face meetings with YC startups.

Triplebyte was founded by Harj Taggar, an early partner at Y Combinator, along with Ammon Bartram and Guillaume Luccisano of Socialcam. Triplebyte identifies engineers who are a good fit for organizations and matches them with those looking to hire them. Thousands of candidates have been placed at hundreds of tech companies, including Dropbox and Instacart, using TripleByte’s method.


This concludes our list of the 11 best tech recruiters in San Francisco. Whether you are hiring a JAVA engineer or a CTO, you are sure to find the right candidate with these top tech recruiting agencies.

We realize there are a lot of tech recruiters in San Francisco, so let us know why we should include you if your company wasn’t included on the list?

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