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Best Recruiting Software & Tools Every Hiring Manager Should Know - Job Board

Why get recruiting software in the first place when previous human resource managers didn’t have them? Well, the right recruitment software can improve your productivity, increase your social media audience, and allow you to recruit better candidates, among other benefits. You will also be able to streamline the hiring process, particularly in increasing your applicant communication, data collection, and scheduling efficiency.

Best Recruiting Software & Tools

Here, we present several recruitment software that will automate the recruitment process. Keep in mind that each one of these software has a specific purpose and, thus, you’re likely to benefit from combining one or two software from every category.  For example, you will need job aggregators to find potential employees and human capital management software to track the progress of new hires.

Job Boards and Aggregators

Job seekers and recruiters consider job boards and aggregators as among the best places to find the right job-applicant matches. On one hand, recruiters use job boards to post available jobs while job aggregators are used as part of a pay-per-click campaign. On the other hand, job seekers use job aggregators to allow them to view open positions on a single site.

Job aggregators are useful in gathering relevant information about suitable candidates from across diverse industries and verticals, as well as provide information about your competitors’ job postings. You can then make your postings more attractive so your recruitment performance improves.

  • ZipRecruiter offers recruiters a suite of services including talent management software and labor market intelligence.
  • Google for Jobs offers useful features like applying location filters, getting salary information, and other job-related information.
  • Indeed, among the leading job aggregators today, allows recruiters to search by keyword or location, or both.
  • LinkedIn has a social media platform approach that recruiters appreciate since it allows searching based on skills and experience.

It’s acceptable to use two or more job aggregators, such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn since it can mean more suitable applicants to be considered for the open job.

Testing and Assessment Software

Many companies use initial testing and assessment processes in determining the level of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications (KSAOs) of applicants. These pre-employment assessments are crucial aspects of the hiring process since work samples, job knowledge tests, and cognitive ability tests, among others, are good predictors for future job performance.

  • HackerRank is suitable for determining the job suitability of software engineers and developers through technical and coding tests.
  • Pymetrics make job-to-person matches through bias-free, neuroscience-based gamified tests for measuring the applicant’s cognitive, social and behavioral traits.
  • Self Management Group provides businesses with the tools to attract, select and retain their employees based on science-based assessments.
  • Criteria provide online personality, skills, and pre-employment aptitude tests that aid recruiters in making objective assessments of candidates.
  • HR Avatar offers animated tests that simulate real job situations, among other pre-employment tests for job knowledge and cognitive ability.

When choosing your testing tools, you have to consider several factors. These include what you’re testing for (e.g., personality, reasoning, or coding); what tool will appeal to the applicants based on their experience; what tool will suit your company’s brand; and what its desired features are (e.g., integrations, API, and reports).

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

With the decrease in the number of recruiters and the increase in hiring volume, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the recruitment process becomes a must. AI allows the automation of low-level tasks, provides recruiters with detailed applicant information and adds immediate value to the hiring process, among others.  When used correctly, it reduces human bias since AI provides information based on resume and account data only.

  • Ideal (A Ceridian Company) utilizes artificial intelligence in screening and selecting candidates through an automated analysis of applicant information, such as performance data, initial assessments, and resumes. Plus, it can be integrated with your existing ATS.
  • Textio provides recruiters with practical information about biased language in job postings, said information of which also include alternatives (i.e., politically correct terms).
  • CalendarHero has features that simplify and improve the onboarding experience of new employees; these features include transcribing calls, scheduling meetings, and creating knowledge databases.

Don’t be afraid to use AI in your recruitment work because it can actually increase the value of your work! There’s no truth to the rumors that AI will soon replace humans as recruiters.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Did you know that applicant tracking systems (ATS) comprise the largest type of recruitment software? About 90% of large companies and nearly 70% of small and midsized businesses use it. While every ATS software has its unique features, all of them allow recruiters to stay organized, track their candidates, and speed up job placements from a single cohesive database.

  • iCIMS generates content relevant to recruiters’ needs.
  • Bullhorn has sophisticated features specifically designed for staffing and recruiting agencies.
  • SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based software used as an ATS although it’s actually a full-featured HCM software.
  • Greenhouse offers recruiters a more structured hiring approach.

Other ATS include Jobvite, Lever, SmartRecruiters, JazzHr, and Breezy HR.

Recruitment CRM

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software is essential in the attraction, engagement, and development of candidates. The main idea behind the software is to treat the job candidates as if they are customers.

  • Yello has features like video interviewing, schedule automation, and employee referrals; it’s also easily integrated with your existing recruitment systems (e.g., ATS and HRIS).
  • Symphony Talent aids companies in maintaining a consistent brand in the eyes of candidates; the respective company’s career site is the starting point.
  • Ascendify has a star-studded client list including Disney, Panasonic, and GE. Its features include the integration of predictive analysis and machine learning.

Even in a tight job market, jobseekers appreciate it when recruiters treat them fairly and, thus, these tools are a must.

Most of this software has numerous features that allow for multiple uses, such as applicant tracking and artificial intelligence – and it’s all well and good considering that a multipurpose tool means more value for your money. But if you’re looking for a video interview-specific software or a tool with world-class video interview capability, we suggest the following:

  • ConveyIQ by Entelo changes the way enterprise companies engage with talent, using automation to transform and elevate the candidate experience.
  • Spark Hire is a video interviewing platform with 6,000-plus customers conducting video interviews in over 100 countries, delivers robust and affordable online video interviewing solutions for employers and staffing firms.
  • VidCruiter is your answer to saving time recruiting top candidates and adding value to your bottom line. VidCruiter’s suite of products includes an easy-to-use pre-recorded video interviewing system, a live video interviewing system that can record interviews, an automated scheduling system, and on top of this, you can try our automated reference checking software.
  • OutMatch combines the best components of multiple hiring solutions to supercharge your ATS and deliver a holistic, candidate-driven hiring experience

Be sure to add human capital management software to your arsenal of recruitment tools, too! The best software includes BambooHR, Zenefits, Ultimate Software, and OpenTute.


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