Fountain: Best All-In-One Applicant Tracking System For Recruiting Hourly Employees

Fountain: Best All-In-One Applicant Tracking System For Recruiting Hourly Employees

Fountain LogoThe recruiting industry is changing rapidly. With a global talent shortage and competitive hiring market, companies need to find new ways of attracting candidates and getting the best out of their workforce. One way to do this is by implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Fountain offers a modular all-in-one high volume hiring platform that provides a complete set of tools for effective recruitment from sourcing through onboarding— helping businesses scale with growing hiring needs.

Fountain – Best All-In-One ATS For Hiring Hourly Employees

Let’s go over this innovative ATS platform, and how it can improve recruiting for both employers and job seekers.

One of Fountain’s primary goals is to assist you in finding and hiring hourly employees fast and efficiently. To do this, Fountain has developed a modular ATS system, which offers a complete set of tools for efficient recruitment.

Applicants can submit without having to download anything or go online – just a few clicks on their phone or computer is all it takes! The mobile-first platform enables applicants to access everything they need from one central location, so they won’t miss out on another chance again.

With Fountain’s streamlined applicant tracking software, you’ll be able to find top talent faster than ever before while saving valuable hours every day from manual entry tasks such as downloading resumes and filling forms by hand into sheets – all those details are automatically captured by the system to be reviewed later.

Top 5 Fountain Features

Here are five features we truly believe make Fountain the best ATS system on the market:

  1. With Fountain’s platform, optimization is key. Create a more thorough picture of prospective employees by monitoring all applications across all job openings from a single dashboard. Get comprehensive knowledge about all applicants, their present state, and even find new ones that match your criteria. As soon as you start using the software, your hiring process will be fully optimized to save you time and money so that all of your people can focus on what they do best – Hiring!
  2. Fountain comes with preloaded smart forms for every stage of the recruitment journey. This means no more tedious copy/paste job required just to create new versions of an application form over and over again; simply update it once in one place and deploy it everywhere. You’ll also enjoy automated workflows throughout each step which ensures proper compliance at any level across your organization’s employment activities.
  3. Fountain’s Text to Apply allows job seekers to apply for open positions right from their phone. Text the keyword, such as Jobs, to a shortcode to start the application process directly on a smartphone of choice. Geolocation improvements allow applicants to have fewer clicks and get more relevant job openings, while Text to Apply enables employers to collect applicant information with a brief reply text message without having them leave their inboxes.
  4. Candidates can be automatically filtered based on your company’s needs. Candidates who have been verified may schedule an interview or submit a video interview after they’ve been approved. Scorecards may be used by teams to evaluate and give feedback on potential employees. Based on workflow settings, candidates will advance to the next stage once they have been interviewed and authorized.
  5. Fountain’s on-demand video interviews provide flexibility to both interviewers and prospects, allowing them to record or view the videos at their leisure. Scorecards may be used to grade candidates in real-time with teammates to help you make better, faster-hiring decisions.

Fountain: Best All-In-One Applicant Tracking System For Recruiting Hourly Employees

We love how clean the user interface of Fountain is. With our in-house recruiting team, we look for efficient ways to manage the process of hiring and it seems like Fountain has all the tools necessary to make that happen.

We especially like how Fountain’s Report Builder gives us the option to create multiple reports based on team members’ unique needs. This can streamline your hiring processes and help you make a decision faster.

Fountain’s resume parsing feature is great for those who have a large, diverse candidate pool with many resumes that need to be sorted through quickly.

Final Thought

There are a plethora of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) available these days. and it can be overwhelming trying to determine which one will best meet your needs. With that said, we think Fountain is worth a look if you’re looking for an ats system with advanced features and reporting capabilities as well as the ability to scale with hiring volume.

Make your own decisions and test them out for yourself! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution; you’ll need to figure out what works best for you and your company!

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