Top Modern Recruiters Are Using GEM Talent Acquisition CRM To Support Diversity Hiring – Here’s Why

Top Modern Recruiters Are Using GEM Talent Acquisition CRM To Support Diversity Hiring - Here's Why

Top Modern Recruiters Are Using GEM Talent Acquisition CRM To Support Diversity Hiring - Here's WhyThe modern recruitment process is more than just sourcing and interviewing. Talent acquisition teams need to nurture comprehensive networks of talent, optimize sourcing efforts, and uncover actionable insights that inform smarter decisions. That’s why modern organizations are turning to modern recruiting solutions like Gem.

Gem is modern recruiting software built for modern recruiters who want to attract top talent, automate sourcing and outreach efforts, streamline candidate engagement with personalized messaging tools, and access actionable insights that empower smarter decision-making.

Gem’s modern recruitment solution empowers recruiters to build relationships with candidates through their AI-powered networking platform, uncover hidden pockets of passive talent that fit your organization’s needs or future career aspirations, identify which job boards are driving the best quality hires for your business goals; all while strengthening diversity hiring initiatives to ensure you’re building a diverse workforce reflective of today’s modern workplace.

Hire The Best People, Fast, With Gem’s Talent Acquisition CRM

Here’s a look at Gem’s features that today’s modern recruiters use to find the best people faster.

Gem’s modern recruiting solution empowers talent acquisition teams to build and nurture comprehensive networks of talent, optimize sourcing efforts, and uncover actionable insights that inform smarter, data-driven decision-making. Find the talent you need to meet hiring targets and scale your teams with Gem.

There are no limits on how many people can use it – so whether you have one person managing all their own outreach or a whole team who manages thousands of candidates – everyone has access to the same features at always up-to-date pricing.

Manage All Brand Assets in One Place

Gem’s modern recruiting solution puts all your brand assets in one place so you can publish fresh content for every stage of your hiring process without the need to log into multiple tools or spreadsheets.

You’ll save time by managing everything from job postings and candidate communication through social outreach, press mentions, events invitations and more with a single tool that connects back to each candidate profile across any device.

Gem also offer intelligent scheduling capabilities that let you schedule posts on Instagram at peak times when engagement is highest – even if you’re not there sitting behind it! That’s pretty slick.

Recruiting Reports And Insights

Gem has a built-in end-to-end talent analytics function that records how candidates enter and progress through each step of the application process, double-clicks into every stage, segments your investigations, forecasts your hiring trend, and offers custom, executive-ready insights to senior business partners.

With a click of a button, you can produce comprehensive executive reports to share with your managerial staff.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

A CRM is an absolute must-have if you’re building a modern recruiting machine —one in which sources look for top talent, build talent pools, nurture prospects, and improve the whole candidate experience.

Passive talent isn’t always looking for a new job. They have no idea who you are! That’s where modern recruiting techniques come in—like reaching out to passive talent with relevant content, like blog posts or eBooks.

With Gem Talent Acquisition Software, you can create customized outreach campaigns that will look great on any device and engage top talent. And it’s easy for your entire team to stay up-to-date on the status of every candidate through real-time dashboards.

In addition, you may continue to nurture your relationship with passive talent by using Gem’s ‘nurturing sequences’ function, which sends timely, personalized content once a week or once a month.

Recruiting Diversity Candidates

A diverse workforce can help a business become more innovative, creative, and successful. You don’t have to look at the numbers (which are plentiful) to realize that diversifying your team improves overall performance.

It makes sense that having multiple viewpoints and backgrounds on your team will lead to more diversified ideas for addressing challenges and generating innovation. It’s no surprise, then, that businesses all around the world are focusing on implementing diversity recruitment plans.

Through the complete hiring funnel, Gem has a fantastic function that keeps track of gender and race/ethnicity. This allows your recruiting team to identify and nurture a diverse capabilities list that reflects your company’s culture.

Final Thoughts

There are so many excellent modern recruitment solutions on the market today that picking the best one might be difficult. We make an effort to study and test as many modern recruiting tools as possible so you don’t have to!

Gem is one of these wonderful modern recruiting tools we think can take your recruiting to the next level. It’s easy-to-use, even for those who aren’t technologically savvy – meaning it doesn’t take long for people from every department in your company to adopt and start taking advantage of all this product has to offer.

It also means that if someone leaves the company or gets hired onto another team they won’t be hard to replace since everyone knows how simple it is!

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